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Our New Home is Cursed!

Another Fire Truck
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I haven't been riding for the past month. At all. "Why?" you might ask... Over the past few weekends, I've been busy painting, cleaning, packing, repainting, and prepping our new condo for our arrival. Methinks the place is cursed, and now I'm having buyer's remorse. Here's why:

1) The day before we got the keys, the garbage disposal "mysteriously" breaks down. Further investigation reveals that it does in fact still work, although it leaks like a sieve, literally -- there are multiple holes corroded through the metal housing (next time buy a stainless disposal!). In fact, SOME of these holes seem to be pre-existing, since they've been "patched" with clear cellophane tape! I wonder why the previous owners "forgot" to metion that...Hmmmm. Fortunately, we got a home-warranty on all the appliances as part of the closing, so the disposal repair was covered, and ended up only being a minor inconvenience.

2) The first weekend we took ownership of the place, our garage door got tagged in huge letters. Damn punk kids.

3) Last Thursday the building next door to ours was involved in a major fire, leading to one fatality. The side wall of our building got scorched and our place probably would've burned if the SFFD wasn't there to control the blaze. We lost a wooden-lattice privacy screen on our light-well deck, and suffered some water damage on the adjacent room's ceiling. HOA insurance will cover the exterior of the building, but our condo policy doesn't start until this Friday -- so if we'd lost the whole thing we'd've been up the proverbial creek...

4) Last Saturday night our garage door got tagged again. Damn punk kids!

I'm bracing for whatever's going to happen NEXT...


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