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Oxy/Propane Brazing Torch Equipment

I just realized I never documented the components of my oxygen/propane brazing torch setup.  I spent a lot of time researching this stuff, so I want to post it to hopefully help the next person seeking something similar...

  1. Hoke Jeweler's Torch, Oxy/Propane, with 5 tips ($42.50)
  2. Premier Industries 2300.510 LP regulator ($64.00)
  3. 12' of 1/4" T-grade hoses with B-fittings at one end ($34.00)
  4. Flashback arrestor set ($75.00)
  5. Nellcor Puritan Bennett 590 Oxygen Concentrator (~$250 used)
  6. 20lb propane tank (~$60, or borrow from your BBQ grill)
(Total ~$525)

You can find better, light-weight hoses -- or cheaper prices on similar hoses -- but I didn't want to spend the extra overhead of buying multiple items from multiple vendors.  Premier had the regulator I wanted -- plus everything else -- so I just bought everything from them to keep things simple.  I bought the oxygen-concentrator via my local Craigslist.  I already had the propane tank, but you can get one from someplace like a Blue Rhino tank exchange for about $60.

Setting up


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