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ZugsterBags Front Rando Bag #001

Today Adam dropped off my custom Front Rando Bag! I've spent the past few months putting the prototype through its paces, and I submitted a review to help Adam refine the design -- in return he put me at the start of his order queue. We chose the colors on my bag (black with just a little red) to correspond to my Carradice Super C Saddle Pack and also to the small black/white/red 'ECO' frame-tubing decals on the Kogswell frame. Hey, I'm a bag-matcher now! My new bag is based on the stock Medium size, but I opted for some custom dimensions -- a little narrower and a little taller -- so the bag would fit my bike better.

I spent the rest of the afternoon mangling a few of my favorite raw materials -- flat aluminum bar stock and pop-rivets, both from the local hardware store -- into a custom decaleur (that's fancy French for handlebar-bag-support). I think it'll work out quite well!

Here's the full photo set.


Blogger Protorio said...

Just great. Adam does great work - and you've got it dialed into the bike perfect!

4:16 PM  

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