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The Incredible Shrinking Man...

For the past several years, my weight has consistently hovered around 140-144lbs. Over the past few months, this number has been trending downwards, hovering in the 136-138 lb range. This morning, I weighed 134.2lbs, which is the first time I've dropped below 135 as an adult. Even when I was 23-24 (14 years ago) and riding to work 20 miles a day, six/seven days a week, and had a disgustingly-voracious appetite, I weighed about 139lbs. No idea why this is happening, I still generally eat like a horse, and though I'm often riding big miles on the weekends, my mid-week riding has basically dropped to zero -- no bike commuting lately, due to a dumb combination of cold/rainy weather and frequent early-morning meetings. In other words, my activity level during the week is nil. I basically feel fine/normal otherwise, except none of my pants fit anymore. I pinged my doc about this, and he said that there's usually no reason for concern unless your weight drops by more than 10% (~14lbs in my case). Maybe I just need to eat (more) doughnuts...?


Blogger franklyn said...

Lucky you

I think most of us have the opposite trend. I weighed 155lbs as a 20-year-old and now tips over 195 lbs (although most of heft were added before I was 24, for no apparent reason). I have been vegan, and pretty active and the weight doesn't seem to budge. I will be happy if in 10 years I still have the same weight.

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