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Built. Finally.
Originally uploaded by jimgskoop
Finally got this frame swap done. Bought the frame only 8 months ago! Needed some TLC -- lots of paint touch up on some rusty spots, missing TT decal, rust in seat tube, then frame-savering. Rear indexing is a bit balky, like there's excess friction in the cable -- I can get it to shift smoothly in either direction (up/down) but not both. I did replace the cable (needed a longer one) and a short section of housing, but otherwise all the parts are the same. Maybe the derailleur tab on this frame is tweaked a bit? Looks OK to my eye. At any rate, my old Race frame is for sale now... see http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/bik/1396749302.html


Blogger Unknown said...

Get a Rollamajig and that should take care of the shifty issues. Those derailleurs never liked the loops on a seat stay-routed cable.

The better (swaged or "roller-smoothed") cables are worth it for the older shifting systems, too.

Nice, nice work, JimG!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Jim G said...

Jim, you may be right, but the perplexing thing is that this exact same setup worked fine on the old frame. I'm thnking the derailleur tab on this frame might be tweaked a bit...

9:25 AM  

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