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Solo Nicasio Loop

On Saturday I got a late start -- headed out around 2pm, itchin' for a longish road ride. I decided to ride out towards Nicasio, in the off chance I might run into Cyclofiend and Chico Gino during their Marin Century. While I encountered a number of riders enjoying that event, I didn't see those guys. However, I did bump into Carlos and his wife enjoying coffee at a Polk Street cafe, and also Patrick running errands in Sausalito. I've grown un-used to riding solo, so these social encounters were quite nice!

On this ride, I tried out my new-to-me, non-TourGuard 700x32 Panaracer Pasela tires. I found them quite nice, and they do seem to be somewhat more supple than their TG/kevlar-belted counterparts. Although I inflated them to my typical pressure, several times I had to check whether the rear tire was going flat -- it felt that cushy. It's not a night-and-day difference, but they seemed somewhat better. Shimmy seemed further reduced as well, presumably due to the slightly lighter weight of these tires, or perhaps their less-stiff casings -- whatever the reason, I was actually able to ride my bike no-handed for good stretches at a time, something I'm often not able to achieve.

At any rate, I was out from about 2pm-8:30pm. I stopped and chatted with Carlos and his wife for a good 30 minutes, but otherwise I only made two other brief stops -- once at Rancho Nicasio for a half-pint of choco-milk, and another in SP Taylor for a restroom break. I crossed the GGB just as the sun was setting, and made use of my bike's lights on the way back through the city towards home. I covered about 80 miles in around 6 hours, not bad for an afternoon's work....


Blogger Unknown said...

Hey man! Sorry we didn't run into you out on the roadways. It would have been great to cover some miles with you. I ended up running Paselas, too. When I was out at the coast, someone was trying to tell me I needed to pump them up. "Yeah. Uh, no. Thanks!"

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