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Via the iBOB list...

From the DesMoines Register:

A bicyclist killed by a speeding motorist Sunday will likely heat up the debate between cycling advocates and a group urging state lawmakers to ban bicyclists on Iowa county roads.


Mark Grgurich, 54, of Des Moines was killed instantly when a pickup truck hit him around 10:50 a.m. in the 2700 block of hilly County Road G14 east of Cumming, said Warren County Deputy Neil Gurwell. Grgurich was thrown nearly 130 feet, an indication that the truck was traveling at a very high rate of speed, Gurwell said.


The driver of the truck, a white Chevrolet with a black ladder rack in the back and a plastic logo on the side, has not been located. Witnesses said the male driver did not stop.

and finally

Gurwell and Hildreth both said it is common for cyclists to ride along that portion of G14, near the Great Western Bike Trail.

This just pisses me off: A guy recklessly driving a pickup truck, on a KNOWN BIKE ROUTE, hits a cyclist, kills him, and then flees the scene. So now in Iowa they're saying that cyclists are the problem?!?

That's akin to saying people who are victims of gunshot wounds shouldn't have been standing where they were in the first place.

SO glad I don't live in Iowa right now. Sheesh!


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