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Decal Fun

Lately I've been having fun with some adhesive vinyl decal material...

First project, black-on-black reflective decals for stealthy safety on the Kogswell P/R! Normal daylight view
Now you don't

And then when some light hits it
Now you see it

Next project, D-I-Y replacement top-tube decal for a Bontrager Race Lite frame. First cut out the pieces

Next locate them carefully
Placing the new decal

And the final result
Good as new!

I got the adhesive decal sheets from Tip Top Signs. Good stuff!


Blogger Marco Velo said...

Great idea. You can also get a sign shop to cut vinyl lettering/logos from an EPS file of your art out of reflective and many other kinds of exterior grade sign vinyl (3mil) including real gold.

Years ago while working in a sign shop, I was raced as a cat 4 and going to the Twilights criterium series in Oakland near my work at the time. I was racing a Univega Super Special, a very nice frame made by Miyata. I used rubbing compound on a wet rag to rub out the goofy 80s Univega logo in neon-style type and then added my own vinyl lettering "ACME" on the down and seat tube. This got quite a few laughs and/or puzzling expressions from other racers.

I use currently use black 3mil sign vinyl to wrap the about 1-1/2" in from the ends of my handlebars before I set the end plug into the bar with super glue. This prevents damaging the tape in these spots that tends to get abrasion from everyday use, leaning against a wall, etc.


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