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When it comes to bikes, I over-project. That is, I get mentally sidetracked on new projects before I finish previous ones.

Here's my bike to-do list thus far, with the few things I've completed:

1) Fuji brake lever upgrade
2) Triple LED dyno light
3) Bonty Race Lite refurb and build (in progress)
4) RB-1 back to 700C from 650B
5) Trek 400
6) Sell parts, frames, and a bike
7) Nishiki wheel replacement + porteur config
8) Rack building

I must have bike-ADD, because I'm already pondering and plotting #7 & #8 when I'm barely into #3. This is bad, because it means I'm losing motivation on and/or becoming distracted from the current project.


Blogger Marco Velo said...

Hey Jim,

Thanks for this post. Compared to cars, bikes are pretty resaonable in terms of what's involved. I also have a list of ongoing to-dos with more than one bike. Riding and working on bikes is definitely a learning process, fitting stems, tires, finding the right saddle, trying to keep the weight frigging down, it takes time to dial things in. I just finished upgrading a vintage touring bike drivetrain only to find the derailleur hanger insert is now stripped (!!@#$%!!), worn-out with the derailleur wobbling around (not ok).

The extra effort to get it fixed is probably a test to see if you are really a rider. Anyone can go out and buy a new bike...

7:30 PM  
Blogger blackmountaincycles said...

Welcome to the club. I've got projects that are 4 years old and still unfinished. Sometimes the joy of the project is in the planning.

8:03 PM  

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