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Route from Last Weekend's Century

There's been a lot of interest, so here's (roughly) the route we took for last Saturday's epic century ride.

(We took the loop counter-clockwise.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the route!

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing this route reminded me to extend my appreciation to you for your earlier posting about SF2G rides. I followed up on the group's Bikely routes, and came up with a number of Marin to Palo Alto routes. I used them to bike parallel to Hwy 280 to Palo Alto a couple months ago to pick up my father's car in Palo Alto. The necessary piece of the puzzle for me was how to get around the Skyline Fwy/Hwy 1 interchange in Daly City. Once I was on Sawyer Camp Trail, I was on old home territory.
Thanks again.
Tom Horne,
Novato CA

1:21 PM  
Blogger Paul B said...

Hey JimG -

A not-so-obvious amazing upgrade to this route that you'd enjoy is to ride up through Purisma Creek Park on double-track/fire-road from HW1 to Skyline.

Paul B, G1 P/R and Road Logic riding, cracked-650B-RB1 mourning, Palo Alto living, CA resident

3:18 PM  

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