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New Bike Work Stand

I recently built this thing because I got really tired of constantly bending over while building racks and doing minor adjustments...

The core idea is simply to raise the bike up by about 24 inches.  Most of the time when I work on my bikes -- or when building cargo racks -- I don't actually need to remove the wheels.  I have a standard folding home work stand, but that doesn't hold the bike up as high as I'd like; also that doesn't give me a stable and known-horizontal base upon which to build a level cargo rack.  On this new rack, I can simply zero my digital angle gauge on the horizontal cross beam, and align everything else from that.

The rear section is hinged and drops down to allow spinning or removal of the rear wheel (e.g. derailleur adjustment).  The BB support is made of some 1/2-inch black pipe screwed to a mounting flange.  I discovered that some 5/8-inch threaded rod actually screws into the end of the black pipe, so a short piece of that gives me some vertical adjustment.

Someday, I might actually get out on a bike for a ride or something along those lines.  Maybe.